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Wyw Block manufactures lightweight concrete partitions, WYW Block bricks, roof structures, and steel profiles for energy efficient building structures. We have set up a 800 m2 showroom on the site where construction contractors can learn about how to use polystyrene lightweight concrete. This allows them to apply it properly in their work, including building projects, post-heat insulation, fire protection, and rebuilding of family and condominium buildings, community buildings (kindergartens, schools, gyms, etc.), farm buildings (cold stores, animal breeding halls, etc.). We are also researching and developing new, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions, for example, to produce construction products from recycled waste (plastics, EPS). The use of polystyrene in lightweight concrete construction technologies requires professional structural design and design solutions are constantly being developed.

Our company is not dealing only with raw materials’ production, education, R&D, building structure design, but also sells technology related production lines and manufacturing know-how outside Hungary.

We inform our estimeed customers that we are selling WYW BLOCK Optimum and Green "brick" masonry units 30 and 38 under the brand name WYW Block!


Energy-saving - Our construction materials can be used to build energy-saving buildings (to achieve a certain energy rating ask for the help of a building energetics expert). What’s more, energy efficiency plays an important role in our production, too.

Durable - The durability of polystyrene light concrete rivals that of conventional concrete.

Eco-friendly - Polystyrene light concrete is Eco-friendly both in production and application, any waste created is reusable.

Healthy - polystyrene concrete provides thermal bridge free insulation, which prevents mold growth.

Excellent fire safety - The 41 cm thick wall, made with steel load-bearing structure and with the proper plaster, can achieve A1 fire safety classification, it is able to hold back fires burning at 1 000 °C for 240 minutes.



WYW Block „brick” masonry unit 30, 38

NTA (NMÉ) no.: A-37/2015

Area of application: Construction of infilling (30, 38) wall structures and load-bearing (38) wall structures of two-story buildings in detached family houses, and internal and external walls in blocks of flats (under specified conditions).

WYW Block „brick” masonry unit 30

Length: 615 mm
Width: 340 mm
Height: 270 mm
Specified mass: 16,79 kg
“U” value: 0,21 W/m2K

WYW Block „brick” masonry unit 38

Length: 615 mm
Width: 410 mm
Height: 270 mm
Specified mass: 20,13 kg
“U” value: 0,18 W/m2K

Build single-story or two-story family house from WYW Block “brick”

In case you would like a single-story or two-story, energy efficient, quickly build house, we recommend the insulating brick manufactured by our company, which is suitable for building the wall structures of family homes.

Construction of apartment buildings
Construction of apartment buildings

The WYW Block masonry unit is perfect for the construction of infilling walls of buildings with steel or concrete pillar structures, thereby creating a building with excellent insulation and fire safety.

The WYW Block masonry unit enables faster construction of taller buildings and bigger apartment buildings compared to traditional technologies. Also, the product allows making these buildings energy efficient with AA+ energy rating (to achieve a certain energy rating we recommend asking for the help of a building energetics expert).

Surface treatment Wall building of Wywblock bricks The layer plan heat transfer coefficient variable

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Recommended for fixing
WYW Block steel and wooden frame construction element sets
WYW Block steel and wooden frame construction element sets

WYW Block fémvázas építési készletre vonatkozó Európai Műszaki Értékelés azonosítója: ETA – 16/0953 (EOTA® - www.eota.eu )

NMÉ szám: A-51/2014

Area of application: Construction of residential and public buildings, exterior and interior load bearing and non-load bearing walls, basement ceiling, floor and roof slabs, slabs of non-converted attics, supporting and enclosing structures, enclosing structures of the roof slab, partition wall.

WYW Block Optimum Panel and WYW Block Green Panel polystyrene concrete insulating sheets

Area of application: Facade insulation systems and as an insulating layer of flat roofs.

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U, C, Z, J cold rolled steel sections and steel structures made thereof (wall panels, joists,trusses)

EC-Certificate of factory production control no.: 1415-CPR-93-(C-99/2014)

Area of application: general structural application

Reaction to fire: Class A1


Durability : Durability of metal supporting structure elements (corrosion prevention by means of at least 275 g/m2 zinc coating) is at least 50 years. Assessment method: expert’s assessment taking ETAG 007 into consideration. (ÉMI: NTA (NMÉ) A-51/2014)

Guarantee : We guarantee the quality of our manufactured products in accordance with law V. of year 2013 (Hungarian Civil Code) and Directive 1999/44/EC.

We have product liability insurance for our manufactured products extended to the territory of Europe at the Generali Insurance Company.


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Name Contact Reference
Szabó Ibolya – architect, Square formater Tel: 06-20-93-76-123
Email: szaboibolya@pixplan.hu


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We are looking for companies with Hungarian-speaking architectural designers to cooperate with.
Please, send your introduction to tervezes@wywblock.hu e-mail address.

We are looking for Hungarian-speaking contractors with experience in the construction industry to cooperate with.
Please, send your introduction to marketing@wywblock.hu e-mail address.



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